Mermaid Artistics

Customized Tattooing and Artwork

Flash = small fixed designs,ready to go!

A couple of times per year,I organize Flashday. For this day I make new small designs with a theme that suits the day. All flash are available for a special price. Check out the Facebook events!


Bow and arrows

Dark days

Small, delicate and personal.

The smallest tattoos can have the biggest meanings!

But please realise that small tattoos often aren't forever. Small fonts tend to flow together and fingertattoos may quickly fade or even blot.There is no real guarantee and for touch ups the startingprice may be charged

Don't be shy,I do do tiny tattoos,but not everything is possible. Check out these miniatures.

Miniature butterflies


Table mountain!

Hunger Games and Harry Potter conspiricy

Oneliner faces

Small but beatiful.

Barbara's first.Oldschool.

Tiny shell :)

Daniel Bal,straight edge!

Flashday small ones