Mermaid Artistics

Customized Tattooing and Artwork

Sleeves, projects and more.

For some it starts with several small tattoos that start to grow together. I myself am a collector and have gotten my sleeves over the last 30 years. To me a sleeve is a life story.

Some plan everything ahead and communicate their wishes to result in a plan.This can take anywhere from 5 to 20 appointments,depending on style and detail.Either way,you are welcome for big projects!

Here's some of my bigger projects on my loyals!

Sweet Martijn. Always under construction ;)


Mega coverup @ Daan!

In progress

Tribal coverup project on Daniel

All in progress!


My good friend Nikki in South-Africa! <>

Love <3

Bic Love



Sleeve project on Sebas,in progress.

Seb ,skulls and the Kraken, a real story.

Echt stoer, Mike de Boer :-} in progress

Sharona's lioness piece

Marisha, sjiek en rof. x

Alex SA

This backpiece took 23 hours in 4 sittings.

9 hours of whipshading

Jordi, on his way! First sleeve almost done.

Beste Dickie's allereerste keer.

Frequent Flyer Nils.

Evan,one of the good guys.

Bas!..en broer :)

Syf, m'n Egyptische gappie met Egyptische arm.

Jur,nog effies. ;)

Freehand vlechtwerk bij Gert-Jan