Mermaid Artistics

Customized Tattooing and Artwork and 30 years of experience in piercing. By appointment only!

                    Professional Piercing

Horizontal double lobe and helix.

Nostril stud

Nostril ring

Nostril stud. Hi Nia! :)

Piercings and jewelry.

Piercings are still popular,but very much influenced by fashion. At the moment all earpiercings,nosepiercing are in favour.

With my 25 years of experience I can make every possible piercing,but I will advise you about jewelry and placement. You get the best advice about the healingprocess and are welcome after a few weeks for a free check-up.

If you are younger than 16 years of age you will need parental permission

I have a small collection of jewelry but anything can be ordered for you! 

Obviously not all piercings are allowed to be shown on this site.

Snake eye. Don't try this at home please.

Industrial with flexible bioplast